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effective link buildingThere’s tons of “explode your traffic” or “become an SEO god” craptastic tools and craptacular “services” out there.  Don’t believe the hype.  Spamming the same garbage text will get you to the top alright–the top of Akismet’s ban list.  LOLz.  The fact is Google loves content.  Real content.  Not crap.  And definitely not spam.  Here’s some responsible blog comment strategies to employ:

Find relevant blogs to comment on.  Find blogs that are specific to your niche/category.  There’s a big difference between a sports blog that mentions an immigration topic ONCE and an immigration attorney’s blog that is focused on all aspects of immigration.  If the site you wish to promote is about immigration, find blogs that fit in the latter example.

Use your real name then your keyword. If the blog allows it, use your real name and the key phrase you are trying to optimize for since “names” like “I sale Cheap Viagra” probably will head straight to the Akismet spam kill file.  Use something like this (no quotation marks, of course):  “John Smith – KEYPHRASE”   You’d be surprised how many blogs are cool with that as long as you post quality comments.

Post REAL comments. Real comments impart REAL information and concern.  They aren’t one smiley posts or “You’re right” type of posts.  Here’s a surefire way to come up with a quality blog comment in the least amount of writing/thinking time:

READ the entry your are going to comment on.  I can’t emphasize this enough.  If you want backlink goodies, be smart and kind enough to “give back” by taking the time to effectively read the entry you want a backlink from.  Quote parts of the entry you are commenting on.  Comment after each quote.  Summarize your comments into a short sentence.  Comments must refer to the part being commented and ask a question or offer an interpretation.

This style of commenting is REAL because it engages the blogger and shows an appreciation for his/her work.  Move the discussion forward.  Inspire the blogger to follow up on his/her post by referencing your comment.  Try it.  Conversations work the best in blog-based link building.

Most importantly, posting REAL comments are your best way to circumvent the #1 hurdle to building backlinks through blog comments:  the dreaded NO FOLLOW tag.  Even if the blog you are commenting on is NO FOLLOW, if the blogger engages you in a conversation and is inspired to BLOG ABOUT YOUR COMMENTS and INSIGHTS, you get the holy grail of blog-based link building–in comment backlinks.  So keep at it.  Of course, this takes time so choose your battles carefully.

Choose your battles carefully–find DO FOLLOW blogs to comment on.  Notwithstanding the discussion above, there’s only so many hours per day and there’s only so many hours you want to spend building backlinks.  Use DO FOLLOW blog directories that list out do follow blogs.  Try using do follow blog directories that list the blogs based on categories.  Here’s a few of them:

Choose your battles carefully–comment only on blogs that have PR.  Comment only on blogs that have Page Rank on their main page.  Writing a Quality comment takes some brain power and time.  Don’t waste it by posting on a category related, do follow blog that has no page rank.  Again, notwithstanding the discussion regarding ‘crebility based’ link building, choose only blogs with PR so you can maximize your time.  Use this page rank checking tool or install the page rank autodetector plugin if you have Firefox installed.

The bottomline is that building backlinks through quality and responsible commenting yields SEO gold.  But remember to pan for search engine gold wisely and responsibly.

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  1. Tips on Web Traffic says:

    Building back links through various sites always helpful. but a back link in the non follow blog wont be of that much use i guess

    Tips on Web Traffic’s last blog post..BSNL datacard, Sancharnet card-EVDO and ICC(BSNL-NIC) Modem Tariffs

  2. Dan @ Tampa Florida says:

    I agree with most of what you say, except in regards to only comment on sites with PR, just because a site has no pr right now does not mean it will in the future if you feel the site has good quality content and is similar to your blog I wouldn’t worry about the pr. Thanks for this great blog post.

    Dan @ Tampa Florida’s last blog post..PPC Advertising-Pay Per Click

  3. The article is useful. I agree with Dan that the comments should be on all related blogs instead of only high PR blog.

  4. I just love do-follow blogs. They are good resource for information, back links and discussion too.

    And i also agree with Dan with PR 0 blogs.

  5. Rob - Personal Finance Articles says:

    Great article. While I agree with almost everything that you said, lately I have been wondering if it is really prudent to focus only on do-follow comments. O.k., Google says it doesn’t follow them, fine. Yahoo and MSN still do, right? And I’m not quite sure if Google might not peek at them — after all, truly “natural” link growth would still involve no-follow links. Of course, as with most Google thought this is pure speculation. However, Yahoo and MSN traffic is worth consideration also.

    Rob – Personal Finance Articles’s last blog post..Best Mortgage Rates

  6. Noah@Internet Marketing Blog says:

    I also agree that you should be commenting on blogs that might have 0 PR. Not only could you get some visits from their site once they build up some readers, but you don’t want every single one of your links to be from sites that only have a super high pr. You want a nice variety.

    Noah’s last blog post..How to Grow Your Cash Flow Leveraging The Internet-Part Three. Building Traffic and Conversions.

  7. Keith@Norman Rockwell Art says:

    If a blog owner is willing to give your blog a backlink, especially a dofollow, you should be more than willing to contribute to his blog. It’s more than just good manners, it’s a matter of scratching someone’s back who is scratching yours.

    A commenter who does not add to the conversation, either with a relevant question or a relevant expansion, doesn’t deserve the back link.

    All the two to four word comments get axed at my blogs.

  8. Create great content and post it on your website. When you have great content on your website, you entice other webmasters to share your content on their sites by providing a link back to you

  9. I agree. There are only so many hours in the day and they should be used wisely, as time is money and money is time. I love love love do follow blogs as what is the point of wasting time commenting on no follow blogs? I do a Google image search for “u follow I comment (niche here)” to find them fast fast fast! Also, the SEO for firefox pluggin finds nofollow links in one click! I agree %100 that on moderated blogs especially like this one that the poster has to add value value value or some keen insight, and not spam keywords, and do use your real name!!

  10. Toni Gemayel @web design says:

    This is a great article but I dont think it applies to all blogs. What about blogs with heavy traffic that get constantly spammed? Authors will have difficulty weeding through the garbage, especially if they are producing 4 to 5 articles a day.

  11. james@Silver Coins says:

    Spot on. I have a little health blog and I get the same thing. Obviously I don’t mind allowing people to put up their keywords as long as they include their name but when I get comments that could apply to anything or simply make no sense I just delete them. I’ll just add to your list: Read the Comment Policy. Most blogs will have one and if they ask you not to leave Keywords alone as a name, then don’t.

  12. Sabrina@wedding photographers detroit says:

    I agree with James. His tip about the “comments policy” is insightful. The bottomline is, as a commenter, you have to play by the rules of the blogger. If you do, then things turn into a sort of give and take situation wherein both parties get to benefit from each other. Otherwise, simply put, you get rejected.

  13. Sean Rosensteel MN says:

    You said it! There are so many people who do not know how to comment properly on blogs. After reading this post, I hope people understand that it’s quality over quantity. If you have something to say, make sure it’s relevant and well-written, otherwise you might be wasting your time.

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