Beware of automated blog comment software


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Like any other blog with decent PR on the blogosphere, this blog gets its fair share of SPAM comments.  Most of these are automatically shuffled off to the Trash bin by Akismet.  Yet people still persevere and use bots and comment spinners to try to get a juicy backlink from a PR 3 DO FOLLOW blog such as this.

Sifting through today’s haul of automated garbage, I notice a distinct pattern.  People are using comments that are RECYCLED to get a comment backlink.  We all know that automated blog comment spamming using tripe compliments like “Good job, Buddy!”  “bookmarked” and other similar comments ADD NOTHING to the conversation and are worthless.  I personally don’t mind suffering through delelting such garbage in the hopes that there would be a SUBSTANTIAL comment somewhere in the bunch.  However, blog owners should beware of recycled comments — publishing this garbage will get your blog PUNISHED for duplicate content.  Instead of producing a WIN WIN situation through ethical blog comment standards, you LOSE and the comment spammer WINS.  Who want that, right?  Always aim for WIN WIN by making it a habit of running dubious comments through google to see if it’s a duplicate.


  1. Tim @ Increasing Traffic says:

    Seriously – how hard is it for people to post an actualy, thoughtful comment? ALl it requires: Reading the post, thinking about it, and saying something relevant. And they might have to actually form more than three complete sentences.

    Here’s how blog comments for seo SHOULD work:

    Step 1 – read a blog you enjoy

    Step 2 – respond in a way that contributes to the conversation

    SEO can actually be FUN when you do it this way. :)

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