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The bad news about link building is that more and more sites are using NO FOLLOW tags.  This means more work, time, and money spent on researching sites that 1) accepts public links 2) have Page Rank on their main page and, ideally, 3) are in the same niche as the site you’re tying to SEO.

The good news is that instead of doing it yourself, you can replicate what others have done and cherry pick the sites that are relevant to you.  That’s the faster and easier way to build quality backlinks using the 3 criteria above than doing it completely by yourself.

Where to start?  Study your competitors or other sites in similar niches.  This yielded more results than just doing searches on your own.

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  1. Jesse@Make Your Site A Success says:

    Link building, what fun it can be lol.. One of the biggest mistake I see many people making is not being selective on where they get their links from. Just because Grandma has a PR5 site about knitting doesn’t mean a followed link from there to your site about performance cars would be the best fit, but oh well.. some people just never learn.. By the way, Congrats on the progress your sites making :-)

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  2. Well, the jury is still out whether THEMED LINKS (as you imply) are the only way to go when it comes to building backlinks. While I do agree that you’ll need LESS backlinks if they are all THEMED (ie., related to your niche) and come from DO FOLLOW blogs with Page Rank on the main page, practical realities militate against this…

    Indeed, it’s extremely hard enough to find DO FOLLOW blogs with Page Rank without the added burden of theme/niche/category compliance.

    Maybe quantity can sometimes compensate for quality? We did some recent tests on this and the results are mixed. One site saw a massive jump from deep within the bowels of Google to #7 on the rankings. I’ll post a report once things settle down.

  3. Simon@loan compare cheap loans says:

    Firstly good info and good comments. I understand that it’s quality and not quantity with backlinks, but my site specialises in loan and credit card comparisons, so would it be ok for me to have links from sites which are finance related but not mentioning credit cards and or loans, mortgages etc…? Also how do you go about ensuring that sites give a follow on a links and not a no follow?

  4. Nicholas Z. Cardot says:

    Even from non-themed sites it will still add page rank to your site which should be helpful. I try to comment on tons of do-follow sites and I think that it is exciting that you all offer do-follow links here. I do the same at my blog but I need to make it more obvious so that everyone knows about it. Good tips here.

    Nicholas Z. Cardot’s last blog post..5 Irrefutable Qualities of Successful Blogs

  5. Sash @ Watch TV Online says:

    “links from sites which are finance related but not mentioning credit cards and or loans, mortgages etc”

    Yes I think that’s fine, but realistically there is overlap so it wouldn’t really matter. And these ideal terms for link building not mandatory.

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