Stripped down instructions for Lead Capture


Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

Want to build a targeted mailing list?  Here’s the stripped down instruction on how to create a base of interested buyers.

1) Find a niche

Study your competitors keywords.  Find out where your competitors advertise.  Hang out at these areas and study your target customers.

2) Determine what customers in that niche want to find out

Hanging out with your target customers, you detect the jargon or terms they use for your product/service info.  You also figure out the following:  social media channels they use, forums, mailing lists, and blogs they read.  Thoroughly immerse yourself in these areas to find out what information they are looking for.

3) Determine which info they would PAY money for

Using #2, you’d find out what information your target audience would find so useful that they would pay for it.  Normally, this is insider info or lists.

4) Create a FREE EBOOK on 50% of the info / create a blog with sales page for the other 50%

Research the information you dug up on #3 above and create a hierarchy between what you can share and what is so valuable that you can charge money for it.  Put the latter in the ebook.  Put the former into an info blog for your sales page.  If you don’t have the time, energy, or the skills to write a compelling ebook, try an ebook writing service.

5) Write a decent amount of blog posts highlighting the 50% you’re sharing and hyping the 50% that’s in the FREE EBOOK

Using the jargon you learned from earlier steps, talk about the concerns and needs of your target audience and hype up these topics.

6) Create a sales page for the free ebook / Use Aweber for the lead capture section of your sales page

Using the language and terms of your target customers create a sales page that plays up the 50% that’s in the ebook.  Remind them why this is valuable and how they can get it for FREE.

7) Advertise on the places your market hangs out and of course, SEO your blog and sales page

Since you already know where your target market hangs out, post snippets of free information there to get them to your blog/sales page.  Rewrite news items regarding your niche and tie this in somehow to the info you’re giving away at your site.  Use Market Samurai to find search volume terms and SEO your pages accordingly.

8 ) Watch the leads roll in / if they don’t roll in – optimize

Always optimize.  Install Google Analytics on all your pages and see which keywords are being used to find you and optimize your pages accordingly.  Also, pay attention to which forums/blogs send you the most traffic and bump your posts there or escalate your presence there.

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