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Your Circle of Influence

Twitter can be viewed as a series of circles of influence. When someone elects to follow me, they become a member of my circle of influence–they get a copy of my updates or tweets. When someone follows them they have their own circle of influence who get their tweets. And so on and so forth. Normally, these circles are not interconnected. Following only goes one way although many people follow you if you follow them (I do this as a matter of policy–I reward people for following me by following them).

Enter the Retweet aka RT

Retweets are tweets made by a person you are following that you then tweet and send to your followers. The practical effect of retweeting is that it a) gives you content to send to your followers and b) it increases the size of the audience of the person you’re retweeting. Retweeting is one of the major marketing benefits of Twitter. It has the potential of giving you access, based on the quality of your content/tweet, to THOUSANDS of people.

The Retweet Problem

Unfortunately, Retweeting is not automatic. The people in your circle of influence sporadically and casually retweet only items they find of interest. The rate of retweet cannot organically be gauged or controlled.

The ReTweet.It Solution

Retweet.It is a retweet exchange service. It is free. It works this way: For every retweet you make of other members’ tweets, you get a credit. You can use your credits to post your tweets to their system. Other members then retweet you for credits. There is some quality control in this process because the self-interest of the Retweet members prevents them from blindly retweeting spam–this erodes their own circle of interest’s loyalty. So they tend to gravitate to retweeting quality content. Notice that the RT requests for real content gets RT’ed more than spamtastic requests?

Some ReTweet.It Tips

Retweet only quality content. While you’re getting points to do this, you’re also tweeting to your base of followers. Don’t piss them off by retweeting garbage. Quality content builds your twitter base and builds your credibility in the Twittersphere.

Post only quality content. We ran tests on our tweets on Retweet.It and found that high quality articles such as Google Trends Scam and Critiques of Online Traffic Methods get more traffic than other tweets. If you need quality viral content, visit this Website Copywriting service

Measure Measure Measure. Check your stats and see which types of tweets get the most RT traction. Focus on those topics/tweet types and repeat the process.

Happy Retweeting!


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