How to get more traffic from YouTube


Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

Nothing sells non-sex stuff than sex.  Paradox right?  It didn’t use to be this way–sex sells itself.  Well, with the rise of tube sites and free sex content on the web, sex still sells–not just itself.  One very good source of traffic/eyeballs is YOUTUBE.

Just exploring Youtube, we noticed that many videos that get a TON of views don’t have much to do with sex but get tons of sex-related clicks.  How did they do it (unwittingly, fo course :) )?  It all boils down to screen cap selection, sexy title, tags, and “piggyback riding” off related high search volume videos.  See the sample on the left as an example.  It also helps pairing the tags of the video with a popular song that gets lots of clicks.  Of course, to avoid being banned the video must have a related theme.

Creativity is the only limit to traffic generation.  And of course, the relevant TOS.  Follow the rules, stay within the lines, have a ton of fun… and oh yeah, make that $ :)


  1. Josiah @ Youtube Layouts says:

    I have to think that people are becoming wise to this tactic, or at least i hope they are.. You’ll get views, and maybe a very, very, very small % conversion but the vast majority will be bounces.

    .or am i wrong?

  2. High Revenue says:


    You raise a good point regarding bounce rate. That ignores the strategy behind these videos though. It’s all a numbers game. If you know the bounce rate is 99%, then it forces you to make sure you have a huge number of quality videos with teaser shots like those above. This compensates for the bounce rate.

    As for conversions, it helps to target the videos’ titles to your target demographic group.

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