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Tired of Making Chump Change Online? was a fast growing cam site where people can randomly chat with others on the network via webcam.  It is a one to one set up. As reported at a large webmaster forum, most of the users of chatroulette are GUYS.  We’re talking smelly sausage factory levels of guy saturation.  While this might be bad news for dudes looking to chat with a hottie on cam or much less SCORE with such a hottie, this is a potential MARKETING bonanza for webcam programs or studio affiliates who have girls working for them.  Apparently, they are already marketing on that site by having hot women say “Hi, my name is XXXXXXXXX”  quickly followed up by “Visit me at XXXXXXXX” and quick click of the NEXT button.  LOLz.

Anyway, before you get in on this game, make sure you check the TOS of that site.  Also, keep in mind that they have recently announced that they are tracking IPs now to solve perv issues.  One other spin on this situation:  some chatters on Yahoochat (the ones pushing cams and dating) allegedly have come up with prerecorded “cam sessions” that they feed to the system.  I haven’t personally seen this but it does seem ingenious.  The question that comes to mind would be if this “solution” applies to the situation.


  1. Josiah @ Halo Reach says:

    It’s a smart idea, i wish i could take advantage of something like that but living with my family, it’s hard to setup X rated material :(

  2. Danny@Liverpool Plasterers says:

    I remember watching a piece about chat roulette on newsnight bbc2 and they had a guy who did a CR trial and he said around 90% of encounters he had was from males asking for naked women or showing their privates. That was in the early stages of the site so hopefully it’s a bit more balanced now and those tracking rules come into effect.

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