Getting a real clue regarding free and paid traffic


Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

One of the biggest annoyances regarding traffic generation is the misconception that there is such a thing as ABSOLUTELY FREE traffic. As if someone will go through the time, hassle, and bother of cooking up great traffic and giving it all to you-free of charge. It doesn’t exist. You have to PAY for traffic regardless. Sure, you might not have to pay cash and you may not have to pay upfront but you still have to pay.

Free traffic is a myth

Sadly, the whole idea of ‘free’ traffic continues to spread like a bad case of herpes on the IM blogosphere and internet marketing forums. So many people post inane messages asking for free traffic. They might as well as for unicorn sightings. Let me make it clear-free traffic doesn’t exist! You have to pay for it in time, effort, and energy. In fact, thinking that there is such a thing will only serve to derail and distract you from the things you should be focusing on.

Focus instead on evergreen traffic

If you want to make money online, you need to focus instead on EVERGREEN traffic. This is the realistic way to play the traffic game. This is why Gasen RedEye’s Evergreen Traffic Guide is worth its weight in gold. Refreshingly devoid of digital horse manure, this guide is very practical and actually steps you through the process of getting ‘free’ and paid traffic. It offers best practices and it actually helps you achieve a seemingly impossible trick-turning link redirect traffic into cash. If you are tired of chasing your tail with ‘free’ traffic, get on the inside track with Gasen Redeye’s traffic guide.

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