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Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

One of our readers alerted us to an interesting way to get traffic from Drudge Report, the wildly popular (#446 on Alexa) conservative news aggregation site. It appears many marketers watch the site for new updates that feature sites that allow user comments.  Normally, a drudge featured story is good for several thousand views.  Once such a site is included on the main page of Drudge, marketers would post in intervals using their DOMAIN as their name.  Note that MOST of the sites posted on Drudge do NOT allow domain names so domains are often SPELLED OUT.  See below (site name redacted).

We imagine the traffic to be good (Drudge gets more traffic than DIGG) until the article gets bumped off the main page with another update.  Since many of the stories are syndicated by a HUGE network of blogs that blog Drudge’s stories, there’s probably a good chance of a small residual flow of traffic stretching for weeks.

In terms of niche, we surmise that the types  of sites that would benefit best from this traffic are those that are TOPICALLY-RELATED.  Conservative news blogs are the first that to come to mind.  Other possibly related niches–forex sites with a conservative slant, goldbug type sites, etc.  Like with any other type of marketing–niche relevance increases conversions.  Jerry Garcia / Phish paraphernalia websites probably has as much chance of selling to this crowd as Obama commemorative T-Shirts at Tea Party rallies.

As always, read the TOS of the sites you are commenting on and make sure your activities fall within their guidelines.

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