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Having keywords that were searched by your viewer present on your page is NOT ENOUGH.  You have to QUICKLY give the reader reasons to stay longer on your page.  There are two obvious ways to do this:  text “flavor nuggets” through creative website SEO copywriting and graphical cues.  Graphical cues consist of both page formatting and actual pictures or illustrations.  We’ll discuss graphical cues in depth in a future blog post.  This post focuses on the text or copywriting approaches to keeping your page visitor longer.

Get your reader’s attention–quickly!

People don’t read websites–they scan them. There’s a split second between concluding your page is trash and concluding your article is worth reading.  You don’t have much time.  Quickly SNAG the reader’s attention by using subheadings that are BOLDED.  Suck their eyeballs in and slap it around some.

Get emotional

People are emotional creatures, make sure to use subheadings that trigger an emotional response.  Emotional triggers get their attention quickly and get them to read further down the page.  The most common emotional triggers are:  a sense of mystery, FEAR, appeals to greed, and letting them in on a secret.  Here are common subheading trigger phrases and words:

The Truth
The Secret
How to

Pack a 1 – 2 – 3  punch

Since most people scan website pages, you have to keep a flurry of information hitting the reader’s eyeballs.  Don’t make it so fast and furious they overload. You have to give them just enough information that your credibility with them builds with each subheading they process.  Don’t use filler.  Each sentence must build value on top of the sentence that preceded it.  People are NOT DUMB–the information you put on your page must build (informational or emotional) value or else they will quickly leave.

Don’t keep your readers hanging

Make sure there’s a logical conclusion to your page’s content.  Build up a summary that either pushes readers to other posts on your page or give them a call to action–join a mailing list or click to get more information

Google’s Panda Update has really put the pressure on web publishers to boost their quality.  Quality is not just original content–it must be CONTENT THAT PEOPLE WOULD WANT TO READ.  Giving your readers the textual and graphic clues they need to stay on your page is a CRUCIAL step in minimizing your bounce rate.

Photo Credits: BL Murch

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