Duplicate content penalty is NO JOKE


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Despite a concerted effort to make webmasters believe otherwise (Google being the biggest participant in this), the duplicate content penalty is REAL.   One of our client/partner companies recently did an (unwitting) experiment.  They used SPUN content for their main/money site (bad move!) thinking that a 60% unique rating from the spinner program’s own “uniqueness” percentage ranking will shield them from the Google Penalty hammer.  Bad idea.  Their SERP dropped faster than Julia Roberts’ star power this past decade.  From #2 to #10.  Ouch.

When you’re dealing with microniches that convert well but have lower trafic flows, every visit counts.  To fix this problem, we created some original news summaries and other “SERP REPAIR” content and their rankings have gone up.  Still too early to tell if they will reclaim their #2 spot with just this repair content.  We’re recommending they add a lot more authority content to BURY this sad dupe content blip in their SERP history.

Don’t let the SEO version of Baghdad Bob mislead you into letting your guard down.  Unless you’re running a site where duped/derivative content is the “genre”–ie article sites, news commentary blogs, etc:  Original content is the ONLY way to go.  Don’t learn the hard way.  Even Google’s pronouncements about the Duplicate Penalty being a myth has “escape clauses” built in.  Don’t fall for that old Rope a Dope trick.  If you’re fighting for every valuable click, it doesn’t pay to gamble on non-original content.


  1. Tim@IncreasingTraffic says:

    Remember the days before the duplicate content penalty? You’d google a phrase and you’d get entire pages of results that were exactly the same.

    I’m SO glad there’s a duplicate content penalty now.

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