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Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

I found this article interesting because I tend to be static and mechanical when it comes to blogging strategy–research niche for payout potential, find keywords, build blog, build backlinks, rinse and repeat. This article focuses on the CONTEXT of content and opens up all sorts of questions regarding DEPTH vs COVERAGE, vertical publishing (build blogs across differing niches) or horizontal publishing (build mini-niche/subniche blogs), and whether to go with 1 deep site or many shallow sites. It depends on your objective–passive income from a wide variety of sites or do you want to go real deep. Each choice has its own ROI horizon.

Here’s the resource link:  Jonathan Fields

People don’t just want to know what’s on your mind, they want to know you’ve got skin in the game.

That makes for a far more compelling story.

It’s why James Frey couldn’t sell the manuscript for A Million Little Pieces when he shopped it around as fiction, but as soon as he started pitching it as “real-life” (yeah, let’s not go there), publishers were tripping over themselves to buy it.


  1. Anna Davel says:

    In my opinion, ‘how you put it across’ also contributes to the success of an article and/or writer. Very often, we know the content but the way we present it to our viewers is not compelling enough. If you analyse the movie Titanic, you may realize that the narrative is not that great. Also, many romantic films have been filmed on ships before. However, the movie stands apart purely on the basis of its compelling and heart-rending presentation.

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