How to turn off default forum subscriptions

This is a very common issue with some affiliate marketing/webmaster forums. If you don’t like getting tons of email updates (like the rest of us mortals), here’s how you can turn off the default email notifications. Step 1: Click on your User Control Panel Step 2: Click Edit Options Step 3: Go to Default Thread […]

Boost Your Blog’s Success With Feedback Loops

Feedback loops are well established psychological phenomena. They are fairly simple. If you’re doing an action and you get rewarded, you will do more of that action. If you’re doing an action and you get a disincentive, you probably do less of that action. Fairly straightforward, eh? In essence, the activity triggers feedback which can […]

Ten things that irk the piss out of me on webmaster forums but I love anyway

Far-L is a webmaster with several years experience in online publishing. Specializing in adult media, his commentary applies to all types of webmaster forums not just adult.  We found his thoughts specially noteworthy.  That’s why we’re reposting it here.  Far-L is the webmaster of HomeGrown Video 1. Program launches with skanky, bored, and lifeless stripper […]

Page Rank Tools

If you’re looking to evaluate sites for backlink building purposes or looking to buy the domain, here’s some tools that may help you: enables you to check more than 1 site at a time for PR. Great for processing long lists of sites for linkbuilding or dropped domain buying purposes allows for more […]

Free domain analysis tool

Here’s a decent tool for finding relevant stats for competing websites, your own websites, and sites you’re looking to buy. It’s also good for potential domain buys. Click: XinuReturns It checks PageRank, Backlinks, Indexed Pages, Rankings, Social bookmarking coverage, and other stats. While there are some SEO plugins that carry some of this information, this […]

Godaddy Coupon code for $1.17 .com domains

Use the coupon code BUYCOM99 to get .com domains for $1.17  Working as of the date of this post.  Click on our categories for more free website traffic tips.

Assorted list of useful free tools for webmasters

Here’s a great assortment of tools you can use to help increase your linkbuilding and social media marketing daily tasks.  Making money online is not a sprint–it is a marathon.  These tools help you in your daily efforts by helping you do more with less.  Less time and effort but yielding better results.   If you […]