The Secret to Solving Problems Online

If you line up the people who make money online and you line up the people that tried and failed, you will see a very start pattern. The ones who succeed both online and that the rest of lives really have one thing that sets them apart. They may not necessarily be harder workers. They […]

Reverse-engineering Niche Content Category Leaders

I keep talking about reverse-engineering in this blog. I’m a big fan of reverse-engineering because you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. A lot of your competitors and a lot of the people that started in your niche category have done your homework for you. All you need to do is pay attention to certain […]

Why do many niche marketers fail?

A lot of people want to get into making money online by getting into niche marketing. A lot of people just fall for the buzz words and also the pipedream of making money in your pajamas. Make no mistake about it; making money online will take work. It’s not something that is easy. It’s not […]

Do You Need a Mini-Site to Succeed in Niche Marketing?

One of the oldest forms of niche marketing is to use long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are highly specific niche keywords that don’t get much traffic but don’t have much competition, and are in high demand by advertisers. Many people use long tail keywords to build niche sites. For example, if the general niche […]

How to Find Your Target Audience Online

Did you know that people are actively looking to buy whatever it is you’re selling? I don’t care whether you’re selling back scratchers, Justin Bieber memorabilia, Lady Gaga footwear, or anything in between. It’s a huge market, globally. The internet has penetrated all sorts of markets and has aggregated this huge pool of demand into […]

From Spam to Win

A spiced ham commenter (aka spammer) visited this blog last week and their URL trail was particularly interesting.  After an in-depth investigation of where they came from, the technique learned led to a 200% improvement in our own marketing efforts.  Efficient techniques PLUS ethical linking/value linking = 200% improvement.  Pure win! Lesson learned:  Check your […]