Spamming Twitter through stripped RSS headers

Let’s face it, Twitter is NOT worthless–it just looks that way. LOL.  Much of its value is not in one guy with 20 followers thinking he’ll be making millions of dollars overnight.  It’s value is as a realtime search engine of minute by minute hot trends.  In fact, some people consider Twitter a better search […]

WOW Cataclysm Beta Opt-In scam mail

Ask any WOW fans out there and you’d know that WOW is up for a major expansion/update in a few days.  This, of course, has spawned a surge in fake cataclysm opt-in scams and other bullsh!t.  These emails have a link or domain that loads a phishing page or malware.    Be very careful of emails […]

Yet another way to make money off Facebook

While we don’t recommend it, it seems that whenever there’s an online game system that has these characteristics, people manage to make money off it: a) Open way of making online gold/credits/chips — ie., you play or you gift to each other to get online currency.  Any way that doesn’t involve buying from the game […]

Gwen Stefani Died and other spammed malware antics

I’ve been a big No Doubt fan since they released their Tragic Kingdom CD in the mid 1990s.  So imagine my shock when I was going through my daily routine of clearing out my spiced ham folder.  “Gwen Stefani Died”–the email subject just jumped out at me.  Sure enough, it had an attack site link […]

World of Warcraft Phishing attacks Increase

BlizzCon 2010 is just around the corner.  It supposedly brings with it the much anticipated launch release of WOW’s latest upgrade–CATACLYSM.  As if WOW addicts don’t already have enough stuff to worry about, right?  Economy down.  Jobs scarce.  It appears this momentous occasion wasn’t lost of PHISHING SCAM operators.  If you’ve been getting hammered by […]

Spam plus content scams equal SCONTENT

If you write content for a living beware of an old scam that has recently hit a new and pathetic low–content fishing scams.  The scam involves getting writers and content producers to produce content for free under the guise of a “sample” or a “demo”.  The scammers then either publish your work on their site […]

Guaranteed Top Search Engine rankings or your money back

How often do you hear that spamtastic come on?  Guaranteed top SERP?!   Sadly, people fall for this over and over again.  No one can guarantee top results.  No one legit at least.  There’s a lot of misleading ads for SEO services nowadays.  Sure, they can get you to the top rank for your term–provided it’s […]

Yahoo Answer Bot Bloopers

Looks like someone mistakenly used his blog comment spam bot on Yahoo Answers.  Here’s the hilarious result.  Moral of the story:  don’t spam, use real informative CONTENT.  Thank goodness, real quality content is getting CHEAPER by the day.

Craigslist anti-ewhoring warning message

Not exactly breaking news but CL promoters’ troubles just keep piling up.  In addition to the pending CL lawsuit regarding promotion software and CL’s geo-ip filtering system, they have now updated the much marketed section W4M section with this “fun fact”.  Check it out by clicking the thumbnail below. I don’t think it will deter […]

Beware of Fake SEO contests

Lately, there’s been an explosion of legit and bogus SEO contests.  Bogus SEO contests can cost you your valuable low link traffic link list.  Here’s how to spot the fake ones from the legit ones. 1) How long has the site holding the contest been around? 2) Have they held non-SEO contests before? 3) Did […]