How to Get Free Facebook Fan Page Traffic

Make no mistake about it; Facebook is a traffic juggernaut. This is not a surprise because Facebook is really a powerful content generating and traffic sucking machine. People are driven by egos, and they would like your friends to know what they are doing. As a result, Facebook exploits this deep psychological need by giving […]

How to Get Traffic from Twitter @ Messaging

The @ message or the @ sign is one of the most powerful ways to market on Twitter. It is very powerful because when you put an @ message on a tweet, you are calling that person’s attention to your message. In other words, you are saying to that person, “hey, take a look at […]

How to Get Traffic from Twitter Hash Tags

It seems that every internet marketer keeps saying that there is money to be made in Twitter. While this is absolutely true, a lot of them are selling e-books and coaching programs that make it seem that it’s very easy. The truth is that it’s very easy but you don’t need coaching or some sort […]

5 Tips on getting the most out of Google Buzz

Google Buzz has a lot going for it. Really. No need to laugh me out of the room.   For starters, it was initially force-fed to a huge chunk of Gmail’s installed base estimated at around 150 million users. It is also better positioned for conversations and site sharing as opposed to Twitter (who’s main value […]

Bought a lemon? Report it on Twitter

GM routinely scours twitter and facebook looking for UNHAPPY customers. Good to see huge Old School corporations using Social Networking to get a realtime pulse of customer reactions to their products. Kinda makes you think of ROI though. There probably has to be some sort of profiling and urgency ranking involved for it to work […]

Adult marketing on Google Friend Connect

It appears Google’s Friend Connect/Blog follower feature allows users to fly topless pictures.  Add this to a mix of high volume “social”-enabled blogs and hilarity (and traffic) ensues. Here’s an example from a fairly popular blog: The racy profile pic will appear first under the Google Friend Connect/Follower area.  Click Here. When you click the […]

Sneaky way to get traffic via Twitter

We’ve been noticing that many heavy traffic news and other mass media sites have been posting tweets to them via @.  I guess the rationale for this is to get a “pulse” of what readers feel about late breaking news, current trends, and genuine feedback.  Interestingly, more and more of these types of setup are […]

Facebook Traffic Service testing results

Webmasterlabor.Com is testing out a new service to add to its portfolio of traffic generation services.  As a subsidiary, we were tasked with testing out this service.  Here are the results: Facebook Traffic Service Analysis Methodology:  Create a facebook friend with thousands of friends.  Send a link to friends to get traffic.  This particular facebook […]

Twitter updates @ functionality

Twitter has updated its @ setting so that people who follow an account will no longer see that account’s @ replies.  However, people can still see account names mentioned with @ as long as it’s not a direct reply.  Here’s an example: Replies @account won’t show:  If an account you’re following replies to @account, the […]

Does it ever make sense to comment on NO FOLLOW blogs?

Many webmasters consider NO FOLLOW a curse.  They think that it unnecessarily restricts their linkbuilding efforts.  Indeed, many webmasters think that WordPress’ default NOFOLLOW tag on comments will not yield the intended result–cut down on comment spam.  Regardless, the reality is that the vast majority of WordPress-based blogs are NO FOLLOW despite the laudable efforts […]