Avoiding Google’s thin content penalty

Just in case you don’t really know, Google hates thin content. What are thin content sites? These are websites that are basically based on exact match domain name. These are domain names that are built on keywords that get traffic and the whole website is based on content based on that keyword. As a result, […]

WebMaster Help Guide: What is a Long Tail KeyWord?

In their quest to achieve prime search engine listings, online entrepreneurs often encounter what is referred to as the “entrepreneurial myth.” Instead of sitting back and reaping the benefits of their one-time web design venture, they are forced to navigate the technical nuances of SEO to remain competitive. This includes the tactful integration of mid-tail […]

Four Biggest SEO Mistakes People Often Make

Search Engine Optimization has pretty much become a science for itself during the past decade or so. Ever since Google appeared, SEO has become an integral part of the online world, and more and more people are beginning to understand the sheer importance of optimizing their web content for search engines. However, even though millions […]

Panda smoke clears to reveal BOUNCE RATE as key factor

This blog caught a lot of heat because we kept emphasizing the role BOUNCE RATE may have played in the devastating trifecta of Google updates that started on February 25. May webmaseters, understandably, don’t want to bother with the time, hassle, or cost involved in producing sites that have a) ORIGINAL b) QUALITY c) LOW […]

Bounce Rate is your enemy: 5 key ways to minimize bounce rate

Before you say “Oh no! Another Google Panda update blog entry”, let me make it clear that Google is dead serious about imposing stricter QUALITY CONTROL on its search results.  They have repeatedly defined “quality content” in terms of ORIGINAL content.  That’s the whole point of the Scraper update.  While it nuked many dupe content […]

Latest Google algo change vaporizes millions off HuffPo

AOL recently bought the popular liberal blog Huffington Post for a whopping $315 million dollars.  That’s around 32 TIMES the earnings of Huffington Post according to Reuters.  Surely, the brand equity of Huffington Post, its high caliber stable of contributors as well as the name equity of Arianna Huffington factor into the price.  Still, 32 […]

Google Wages Jihad on Content Farms

When it comes to legal pronouncements or any other pronouncements that can impact people’s lives and incomes, there has to be TIGHTLY DEFINED PARAMETERS for the problem at hand.  Sadly, while this principle works well in law, it doesn’t apply, apparently, to Google.  Vaguely defined terms like “content farms” and “low quality” content can mean […]

Google loves blog updates

We recently ran an historical analysis of several clients’ blogs and noticed a distinct pattern–SE activity picks up with more blog updates.  This isn’t rocket science–it’s always been suspected that frequent updates factors into crawl frequency.  It’s also not unreasonable to think of this process as a “race”–the more your blog gets indexed and the […]

Google: Hypocrite, pimp, or clueless?

Unless you’ve been smoking rocks or hiding under one, you’re probably well aware of Google’s current Netwide manhunt for sites that buy links to get a SERP advantage.   Here’s one of the more famous blowouts: izea’s payperpost.com program paid bloggers to blog about sponsors and linking to them without the no follow rel tag.  Result: […]

Sites you can use for linkwheel building

If you’re getting on the linkwheel bandwagon for supercharging backlink value, you can use the list below.  Whatever you do, make sure you don’t use a familiar linkwheel pattern.  Don’t spam or your linkwheel will be worthless.   Make sure to populate the system with REAL AND USEFUL CONTENT. The more “random” the linking pattern is […]