Getting a real clue regarding free and paid traffic

One of the biggest annoyances regarding traffic generation is the misconception that there is such a thing as ABSOLUTELY FREE traffic. As if someone will go through the time, hassle, and bother of cooking up great traffic and giving it all to you-free of charge. It doesn’t exist. You have to PAY for traffic regardless. […]

Secrets To Effective Forum Posting

Forum posting is one of the most effective way to get attention for a product or service online. You literally get your information in front of the eyeballs of the same people you want to buy your stuff. Sounds great, right? What’s not to like? Actually, a lot since too many people who try to […]

Critique of 50 website traffic generation methods – Installment 3

This post picks up on our long running series on the advantages and disadvantages of commonly used traffic generation methods. We have used fairly common list of 50 free and paid traffic methods and we are now on part 3 of our five-part series. Here are the earlier parts. * Part 1  *  Part 2  * […]

How to get more traffic from YouTube

Nothing sells non-sex stuff than sex.  Paradox right?  It didn’t use to be this way–sex sells itself.  Well, with the rise of tube sites and free sex content on the web, sex still sells–not just itself.  One very good source of traffic/eyeballs is YOUTUBE. Just exploring Youtube, we noticed that many videos that get a […]

Getting free webcam traffic from was a fast growing cam site where people can randomly chat with others on the network via webcam.  It is a one to one set up. As reported at a large webmaster forum, most of the users of chatroulette are GUYS.  We’re talking smelly sausage factory levels of guy saturation.  While this might be […]

Getting free traffic from DrudgeReport.Com

One of our readers alerted us to an interesting way to get traffic from Drudge Report, the wildly popular (#446 on Alexa) conservative news aggregation site. It appears many marketers watch the site for new updates that feature sites that allow user comments.  Normally, a drudge featured story is good for several thousand views.  Once […]

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Recent craigslist update cracks down on spammers

As part of Craigslist’s evolving efforts to crack down on fake ads and “e-whoring”, Craigslist is now using GEO-IP detection for its ads. It used to allow people from outside a particular city to post ads for that city. Eg. someone who lives in Seattle could post ads in Washington DC. That’s all changed now. […]

Critique of top 50 ways to drive traffic to your website

We are down to the last 20 items from the list we started here. 31. Start your own newsletter or ezine. How it works: Use yahoogroups or aweber to collect the emails of your visitors. Send them periodic “reminders” to go back to your site or to new pages or updates on your site. Pros: […]

How to get free traffic from Google Reader

Google Reader recently added a “social networking” capability to Google’s feed Reader online app. Here’s a screeen shot The great thing about this is when you click the “X people liked this post” you’ll see a list of names.  The names lead to profiles.  The profiles lead to links.  Why is this important:  OpenID users […]