How to Find Unsaturated Online Niche Markets

Make no mistake about it; saturation can kill your business. Imagine going to a fish pond and you have the pond all to yourself. If there’s a decent amount of fish in that pond and you pick the right pond, chances are high that you would come home with fish. However, if you go to […]

Give the reader reasons to stay longer on your pages

Having keywords that were searched by your viewer present on your page is NOT ENOUGH.  You have to QUICKLY give the reader reasons to stay longer on your page.  There are two obvious ways to do this:  text “flavor nuggets” through creative website SEO copywriting and graphical cues.  Graphical cues consist of both page formatting […]

Duplicate content penalty is NO JOKE

Despite a concerted effort to make webmasters believe otherwise (Google being the biggest participant in this), the duplicate content penalty is REAL.   One of our client/partner companies recently did an (unwitting) experiment.  They used SPUN content for their main/money site (bad move!) thinking that a 60% unique rating from the spinner program’s own “uniqueness” percentage […]

Context IS content

I found this article interesting because I tend to be static and mechanical when it comes to blogging strategy–research niche for payout potential, find keywords, build blog, build backlinks, rinse and repeat. This article focuses on the CONTEXT of content and opens up all sorts of questions regarding DEPTH vs COVERAGE, vertical publishing (build blogs […]