How To Fix Sinking Adsense Income

It looks like everyone and his grandma has an adsense-powered site. And why not? When it comes to ease of implementation and amount of ads available, you can’t go wrong with Adsense. However, a lot of bloggers experience sinking adsense revenues. Photo credits: Google Inc. If you noticed that your blog’s CPC income is sinking, […]

Google lied? Adsense border shenanigans

If you’ve ever bothered to read the terms and conditions of Google’s Adsense program, you would know that they are very strict against TRICKING people into clicking on adsense ads.  Fair enough.  Clear?  Not really.  When you actually use their ad tools, they want people to “blend” their ads with the publisher’s content.  The whole […]

Adsense pays you extra to be number ONE

Like the old saying goes, “It feels good to be king”.  It applies to most things in life and, as recent client log analysis reveals, it applies to ADSENSE revenues as well.  Adsense uses a complicated algorithm in awarding value to adsense clicks.  They used to have THIS SYSTEM for detemining how much to pay […]

Google Adsense Update shenanigans

We’ve been running all sorts of tests and experiments with our partner network’s blogs.  It’s only been one week into the current round of tweaking and testing and its already yielding some interesting nuggets of information.  Some findings: 1) Google adsense seems to go on a “freeze” mode if you update any element of the […]

Google index bans tied to Adsense?

A trusted and highly esteemed colleague of mine who does real well with Adsense recently told me that all his sites running Adsense have been banned from Google.  He runs tons of other sites using differing sponsors and those sites have remained in Google’s index. How do you know if your site is banned from […]

Testing Adsense Ad Placement Quantity

There are two schools of thought on Adsense ad placements’ effect on a site’s income.  The first focuses on quantity:  the more ads you have on your page, the higher the chance of a click through.  The other school focuses on quality: you stand to make more money with less clicks if you have less […]