Why you should offer Free Wifi


Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

If you run an offline “bricks and mortar” business that needs ‘warm bodies’ inside the establishment to get business, you should consider offering Free Wifi.

Businesses like coffee shops and restaurants need the perception of being popular in order to get more patrons.  Ever notice that busy walk-in restaurants tend to attract more people.  People even line up.  The same with coffee shops.
The reverse is true.  When there’s no one in the establishment, people might think the coffee sucks or the food is bad so they stay away.  This is called the Empty Restaurant Syndrome.  People don’t want to try something that is “untried.”  When they see many people at your establishment, they interpret this as a vote of confidence in your business’ offerings.

The same dynamic applies to online establishments like forums and social networking sites.  That’s why these companies often spend money on website population services to get that “push” going.

How Free Wifi helps

Offering free wifi “populates” your establishment with visible patrons who appear to vouch for the quality of your food or coffee.  Warning to restaurants:  This strategy works best only during the “dead” period of 2pm to 5pm.  Anything before or after that might be eating into (pun intended) your busy hours (and your profits).

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