How to make money off your money losing PR 1 site


Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

Everyone’s got these… money losing or underachieving PR 1 sites.

Before you trudge off to Sitepoint or other forum sections to unload that “turkey”, you may want to consider this interesting way of making money off underachieving/low traffic sites with PR.  NOTE:  We don’t condone this behavior.  This is purely for informational purposes only.  The steps below are what we THINK are the steps such blogs take to create this money making system.

Step 1:

Apply for an account at

Step 2:

Install the code on your WP blog

Step 3:

Set up the blog so that all comments are publicly viewable.  Make sure your comments are all DO FOLLOW.

Step 4:

Publicize your blog in all DO FOLLOW blog directories.  Publicize your blog in all webmaster forums you can get your hands on.  Publicize your blog at twitter.

What do you publicize?  Build BACKLINKS to your site through a DO FOLLOW link from a blog with PAGE RANK.

Step 5:

Sit back and optimize

How it works:  Webmaster forums are filled with link builders.  They are always looking for blogs with page rank to build DO FOLLOW links on.  They see your blog and visit.  The CPA LEAD free survey panel opens up when they visit.  They have to take a survey to view your blog.  They fill out a survey–you get PAID by CPALEAD, they proceed to the comment section, they comment.

Win Win situation, right?!

Possible issues:  The javascript used by the CPA LEAD filter might trip Googlebot…  However, the sites we observed that do this seem to be doing okay.


  1. Or, just spend about 3 days getting the links you need to make it a PR3 instead of a PR1 :-)

    Jesse’s last blog post..Why I Have Been So Busy Lately, Say Hi To Mya Elizabeth Distad

  2. Ryan@Pennyfieds says:

    this methid takes time but it wont hurt if I try

    Ryan’s last blog post..Luxury North GA Cabin Rental

  3. Bill@University Park Real Estate says:

    Not a bad idea! But still I don’t think PR is a matter of few days, be patient and give it some time. But the tips you mentioned regarding building links and advertising your blog to get traffic is a good one.

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