How to build a dropship website


Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

Selling physical goods online can be quite lucrative specially if you know how to generate niche traffic. The problem with physical goods is the fulfillment/shipping and other handling issues. Here’s an interesting article on how to source your products, have it drop shipped, etc. You focus on your online store/ecommerce/promotions, the dropshipper focuses on fulfillment. It covers both the advantages and disadvantages of this arrangement.

Flippa’s guide to dropship site building

What Is Drop Shipping?

Dropshipping is when an e-commerce website owner outsources the warehousing and distribution of the physical products they’re selling. You (the website owner) look after the website shopfront including the marketing, sales and customer service, while the drop ship company stores, packs and ships the product to your customers.

Just like with any solution, it’s not all rainbow smiles and happy butterflies… There are downsides to consider:

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? You focus on what you’re good at (web development, online marketing, the sales funnel etc) while the dropshipping company does all the tedious boring stuff. It’s a marriage made in (choose your preferred afterlife paradise).

Not so fast, cowperson. Consider the following before you decide dropping your ships is the bee’s knees:

  • Customer service. If you’re looking for a hands off passive online business, don’t consider drop shipping. In most cases you still have to handle all the customer service inquiries, complaints and refunds.
  • You don’t control the distribution process. Depending on your relationship with the dropshipper, you have little control over the speed of the delivery, packaging and general care taken in distributing the product you sell. You can have a customer on one end demanding their product, and the drop shipper on on the other shrugging their shoulders saying “it gets there when it gets there”, so choose your dropship partner wisely.
  • Multiple drop shippers can be challenging. If you’re selling products from multiple dropshippers and a customer orders one of each, you’re going to have to have some clever postage charge logic in your shopping cart. It’s also more than likely customers will receive the products separately.
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    1. Abendtasche says:

      Interesing article. There are many well established free of charge shop systems available but no system which is focussed on drop shipping. It should include auto-email etc.. I think there is definetely a market for such an application.

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