Some quick wordpress tips


Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

Here’s some quick tips for WordPress bloggers:
Always remove the initial comment or default “about” message that comes with WordPress

I’ve seen quite a few tools that search the web specifically for these default text.  These tools then either post comment spam or some other form of link spam.

If you’re using WordPress as a site page builder for SEO

Always remove any indication that your pages were generated by WP.  You can always comment out items using the <! comment tag.  You can also tweak your theme to make sure it doesn’t say it was generated by WP.

Set your blog feed settings to Excerpt

While there are many valid tools available online that use syndicated content for legitimate purposes, there are also others that just blindly ‘slurp’ your content and publish it elsewhere.  No backlink.  No attribution.  Pure spam.  Also, your content might get penalized for being duplicate content.  Also, if they are using social media-driven blackhat methods, they even get to rank higher than you.  Avoid all this drama by changing your feed settings.

Bottomline:  WordPress is probably one of the most powerful online publishing tools you can use to both publish your content and get traffic from search engines.  Optimize it well so it doesn’t help your competitors or spammers.


  1. Hey, what happened to your PR. i see this last toolbar PR update hit you, a 0??? did you get hit by Google or something

    Jesse’s last blog post..3 Easy Steps To A Spam Free WordPress Blog

  2. No. The PR is zero (for now) because we just launched this blog a few weeks ago. Based on the current pace of link building, it should climb a few notches :)

  3. Jesse - Make Your Site A Success says:

    lol, my bad.. i was here before and bookmarked it, could have sworn it had PR… i must be losing my mind :-)

    Jesse – Make Your Site A Success’s last blog post..3 Easy Steps To A Spam Free WordPress Blog

  4. mathd09 says:

    I just don’t agree with feeds in excerpt mode because there are people who doesn’t like the drill of going to the source site just to read the full content. Most of the time, subscribers have the tendency to just automatically visit the site when they wanted to. I don’t subscribe to blogs with feeds as excerpt. Just my thought though.

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  5. richest indonesian says:

    I always interested all new tips about wordpress.. thanks mate

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  6. I don’t think that if some other spammer takes your content then you will be the one who’s penalized, the opposite is true. When you publish content online google caches the date it was made available to the public, so when some one copies it, then google sees that the copied version is a much more newer one. Besides, spammers will never promote a site full of copied articles.

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