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Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

RSSOne of the greatest features of a blog is its RSS feed.  It allows other sites to pull your feed and feature your excerpts on their site.  It also allows for easier reading by your subscribers.

Another advantage of having an RSS feed is because you can submit it to many sites that specialize in listing RSS feeds for their subscribers and/or other blogs that pull the feeds.  Why would you want your blog feed pulled and published on another site?  Backlinks and direct traffic.

Here’s a nice list of RSS feed aggregators: (Page Rank7) (Page Rank7) (Page Rank6) (Page Rank6) (Page Rank6) (Page Rank6) (Page Rank5) (Page Rank5) (Page Rank5) (Page Rank5) (Page Rank4) (Page Rank4) (Page Rank3) (Page Rank3) (Page Rank3) (Page Rank3) (Page Rank3) (Page Rank3)

RSS Button Credits:  WidgetBuckSEO blog


  1. Patrick@computernews says:

    Been checking on your added feeds: gives 404

    and I doubt will be coming back again.

    Thanks for an awesome blog

    Patrick’s last blog post..The iCloud Desktop OS Beta Version Released

  2. Patrick, thanks for the comment. I’ve fixed the list. Let me know if there’s any other problematic listings.

  3. Wow I didn’t know that there are so many blog feed sites, right now I’m using only feed burner, but I think I choose some other too.

    Raints’s last blog post..Jakki Degg – Official Calendar 2009

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