Plugin recommendation of the week: Keyword Luv


Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

Keyword Luv is a nifty WP plugin that allows commenters to your DO FOLLOW blog to get a backlink to their site without cheesy looking comment names.  Ethical linkbuilding campaigns CAN include DO FOLLOW blog commenting.

Problem:  The normal way people get backlinks from comments is through their hyperlinked names.  However, unless your name is the same as your site’s name, this naming convention looks cheesy.  Example:  Your name is Dave and your keywords are Comfy Chairs and your site is   Using the normal WP protocol, it would look like this Dave – Comfy Chairs.  (note: we’re just using that domain as an example.  We have no affiliation with that site).

Solution:  Keyword Luv formats your name so it looks less cheesy when doing backlinks.  The example above looks like Dave from Comfy Chairs Looks better, less spammy, more professional.

Thanks to Jesse from Admin Daily for this plugin recommendation.

You can download Keyword Luv from HERE


  1. Kai Lo@Hate Ex says:

    Do you get more traffic with keywordluv plugin? I’m thinking about adding one on my blog.

  2. Henry@assurance hypothécaire says:

    Keywordluv is a very powerful plug-in. It helps a lot to increase your traffics. yet, it also magnets a lot of spam. So, it’s something we should do about.

  3. Bobby@chicago replacement windows says: was very helpful.

  4. Anthony says:

    This is a wonderful plugin that will bring more traffic and contribution to your site by your readers but is also a great way to reward your regular contributors for making your site a better place.

  5. liny@Mobile_Phones says:

    Yeah the plugin KeywordLuv is useful, and great to avoid spam!

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