How to find Non-competing Blogs in your niche


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The problem with approaching a competing blog to send a link to you is that they are basically going to look at your offer as a non-starter. Who would want to shoot themselves in the foot, would you? You wouldn’t, so why do you think your competition would do you the favor? So you might want to not consider getting links from competing blogs.

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If you want to get search engine traffic, you need to get links to your blog or website and the best way to do this is through guess post. The problem is that if you’re trying to get this guess post published at competing blogs, they wouldn’t publish. They wouldn’t want to give you ammunition which you could use to shoot them because you’re competing with them. So the best way is to find non-competing blogs in your niche.

A niche can be looked at as a big circle and within this circle are smaller circles, and some are competing circles and others are non-competing circles. You have to find blogs that are in your niche, that are thematically related to you but don’t compete with you. For example, if you sell shoes and you have a blog that gets people excited about shoes and the niche you’re in is footwear. However, there are other blogs that are in the footwear category but they focus on selling sandals. You can get links from those sites. Those are the non-competing blog. So you have to think in these terms so you can find non-competing to offer guess posts too. Your guest post must add value to those blogs and must provide enough expert information so their users get real value. As a result, you are rewarded with a back link and since you are thematically and categorically related, search engines would look at that link more favorably than if the blog linking to you is completely unrelated to your site.

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