Interview with Anas Alaoui – Success and Motivation self-help author

I am pleased to present a very special guest, renowned personal success expert and motivational writer Anas Alaoui. He is the author of the amazing personal success and productivity book, You versus You: Unlocking Your Ideal Self To Achieve Peak Performance, Productivity, and Success. Highrevenue is an online marketing and online income blog dedicated to […]

Getting a real clue regarding free and paid traffic

One of the biggest annoyances regarding traffic generation is the misconception that there is such a thing as ABSOLUTELY FREE traffic. As if someone will go through the time, hassle, and bother of cooking up great traffic and giving it all to you-free of charge. It doesn’t exist. You have to PAY for traffic regardless. […]

The Secret to Solving Problems Online

If you line up the people who make money online and you line up the people that tried and failed, you will see a very start pattern. The ones who succeed both online and that the rest of lives really have one thing that sets them apart. They may not necessarily be harder workers. They […]

The Power of Persistence

If you’re really honest about it, there is no stopping you from making a lot of money with niche marketing. There really is no excuse because who make a lot of money in this business have the same heart, the same brain, the same eyes, the same feet, the same legs as you. They may […]

Avoiding Google’s thin content penalty

Just in case you don’t really know, Google hates thin content. What are thin content sites? These are websites that are basically based on exact match domain name. These are domain names that are built on keywords that get traffic and the whole website is based on content based on that keyword. As a result, […]

Reverse-engineering Niche Content Category Leaders

I keep talking about reverse-engineering in this blog. I’m a big fan of reverse-engineering because you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. A lot of your competitors and a lot of the people that started in your niche category have done your homework for you. All you need to do is pay attention to certain […]

How to build a community around your niche content

If you are doing niche marketing and you have a blog, it’s a good idea to build a community around your content. Why is community so important? It has many key benefits that will save you a lot of time, effort and money. 1. The first key benefit is that your community can tell you […]

Who are your biggest “niche” detectives?

The biggest secret in niche marketing is not which auto-responder to get, which blog host to get, which software to get, no. The biggest secret in niche marketing is who will tell you about your niches; who will give you the information with which to grow your niche; who will provide you with the feedback […]

The Downside of playing it safe in Niche Marketing

Just like with many other things in life, it’s so easy to play it safe in niche marketing. It is so easy that you can just go on autopilot and do what everybody else is doing. The downside to this is you’re doing what everybody else is doing; you will be reaping the same results […]

How to find Non-competing Blogs in your niche

The problem with approaching a competing blog to send a link to you is that they are basically going to look at your offer as a non-starter. Who would want to shoot themselves in the foot, would you? You wouldn’t, so why do you think your competition would do you the favor? So you might […]