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google shotgunA trusted and highly esteemed colleague of mine who does real well with Adsense recently told me that all his sites running Adsense have been banned from Google.  He runs tons of other sites using differing sponsors and those sites have remained in Google’s index.

How do you know if your site is banned from google?  Do a search for  If your site’s listings appear, you are not banned.

This banning seems very odd since he took great pains to use the following:

Differing class C ips
Differing Whois registrars
Differing niches
Differing designs/layouts
All original niche-specific content

In fact, all factors were different.  The only point of commonality is the Adsense Publisher ID.

Based on this information, it seems that the following is happening:

Google is “punishing” perceived “violations” of its policies by banning the offending sites through Adsense.  My colleague did nothing wrong–the sites weren’t scraped, he used only original content.  The links were completely white hat.  Note that he did not get banned from Adsense but from Google. Terrible implications for people building Made For Adsense (MFA) sites.

MFA sites get a bad rap because QUALITY made for adsense networks (like my colleague’s) are often lumped, unfairly, with cookie-cutter template-driven low content quality/scraped content sites.  Google’s been going after MFA sites with, it seems, indiscriminate shots from its BAN shotgun and it seems many legitimate publishers are caught in the blast range.

Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve suffered the same fate or know anyone who has.

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  1. I faced a similar problem with Google Adsense, after the code was removed, the sites were unbanned.

  2. Art Lynch says:

    Were his sites blogs or ‘mini’ type html?

    How similar in design were the sites?

    I hope he found a way to get listed again.

  3. @Dee I’ve passed your advice on to him. Let’s see what happens.

    @Art From what I understand, the sites are mini-sites but they have differing designs. Everything is different: different hosts, whois (since many are owned by joint venture partners or clients of his), designs, layouts, Class C IPs, etc. The only similarity–same publisher ID.

  4. jesse@Make Your Site A Success says:

    I’ve run into this a time or two as well, the short of it is this. Google has made it perfectly clear that MFA sites suck, they hate them and they will drop the hammer on them the second they get the chance. If you put up a site with 5 posts, throw on some adsense and let it sit you will surely disappear from Google eventually. The only viable solution or means to prevent this that I have found is to regularly update the sites with new original content, even if it is only one post per month it works.. Good luck everyone

  5. henry@JTag helpdesk says:

    I don’t use any code. May be that is reason why I also dont get any check form them. heheheh!

  6. Google Money says:

    I haven’t had an issue, but this is pretty scary if you only count on adsense for your income … which is why I diversify. However, if you do it right, you should have no problems with Google.

  7. This happened to me too a few days ago. My jaw dropped and I was in shock! Mine are still in google but keywords where I was in 1st position are now on 50-60 positions.

    I don’t know what to do, I read about a “reconsideration” request but I have to do 1 for each site and none of them are in the google webmaster things yet.

    When you do a reconsideration request google wants you to admit what you did “wrong”…

    My content was good, get a lot of comments from visitors and this happens, links were clean! All of my sites, I have less than 3% of the income now!

  8. Hello again! Can we get in contact by e-mail??!

    Maybe I can talk to your friend so we can learn from our situations! I was making 3k a month in adsense and I want that back!

    So much work for nothing is making me go crazy! Especially if I it could happen again in the future!

  9. Dave Richards@Pro Anorexia Tips says:

    I don’t think google ever bans sites based on adsense id!!! Maybe his sites are just temporarily sandboxed for the time-being.

  10. He is BANNED, ie., the sites don’t show up when you do a site:domainname search at Google.

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