Adsense pays you extra to be number ONE


Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

Like the old saying goes, “It feels good to be king”.  It applies to most things in life and, as recent client log analysis reveals, it applies to ADSENSE revenues as well.  Adsense uses a complicated algorithm in awarding value to adsense clicks.  They used to have THIS SYSTEM for detemining how much to pay out per click but it appears, that’s just part of the equation.  There’s no deception on Google’s part since it makes sense for them to continuously evolve their PPC system to defeat people who are trying to pimp the sysem.  Based on our findings, the following factors impact how much yoiu get paid on Adsense:  your site’s ranking for the search term the visitor used to load your page/site, your bounce rate (this IS a factor but it seems to be tied to 1 or more other factors so it fluctuates but we noticed that controlling for this factor does produce a clear difference so it is a factor), and the other factors publicly mentioned by Google (CTR, quality score, etc).

It pays to be number one in your keyword category so step your search engine optimization game up and get fatter clicks from adsense.

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